De toate pentru toti

Aug 11

Scalability for dummies

Sebastian Kreutzberger (Le cloud blog) has begun a very interesting series of posts concerning scaling websites. First 2 posts:

  • Clones – about how to scale web servers
  • Databases – about how you can scale … databases

I wonder what’s next. Enjoy reading and … scaling.

May 11

Trees are the lamest of graphs

I’ve been thinking a lot the past months about evolving our systems. Going from RDBMS to other platforms that allow more scalability and performance. One of the key areas of interest is the NoSQL Graph which is now implemented in our database. Today I have stumbled across this presentation about using Graph Databases and that’s exactly what I had in mind when I thought of migrating our data from RDBMS to Graph.

Mar 11

Redis Manifesto

Yesterday i’ve came across this uber cool post by Redis’s creator, antirez. Here’s some very interesting facts:

  • Memory storage is #1. The Redis data set, composed of defined key-value pairs, is primarily stored in the computer’s memory.
  • We’re against complexity. We believe designing systems is a fight against complexity. We’ll accept to fight the complexity when it’s worthwhile but we’ll try hard to recognize when a small feature is not worth 1000s of lines of code. Most of the time the best way to fight complexity is by not creating it at all.
  • We optimize for joy. We believe writing code is a lot of hard work, and the only way it can be worth is by enjoying it. When there is no longer joy in writing code, the best thing to do is stop. To prevent this, we’ll avoid taking paths that will make Redis less of a joy to develop.

Basically, let’s keep things simple and fast, but also with a lot of features. I like that.

In Redis we trust.