February, 2012

Feb 12


Since I’ve read this post today I’ve been thinking if the MVCE architecture is far better (or just better) than the MVC architecture.

Almost everybody now uses the MVC architecture. The really interesting point is that MVCE comes in place where MVC doesn’t do the job anymore. For a decent/medium size website, MVC architecture works like a charm. The controller gets the input data, passes it to the model, the model returns some output data, which wraps it into the view. The extra cost that you invest in hardware and development for migrating to a MVCE architecture doesn’t seem reasonable.

But, if you website starts growing beyond one point, where asyncronous transfer and post processing is a bussiness need (along with a scalability need), I think that a MVCE architecture will get you all the way. MVCE gets you the liberty of doing data processing without affecting the user’s browsing quality. Triggered events will let replicate data, make post actions analysis, you can do virtually everything with your data.

What I now for sure is that I am ready for MVCE. Ready to use it where it’s necessary, though.